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Mentor Artists

A few artists in the area have volunteered to be listed here as mentor artists.  They are displayed on this site so that kids can see how their art and creativity might be carried into their futures.  These mentor artists are happy to give advice on things such as technique, how to harness an idea, creative expression, etc.  These mentor artists are also meant to inspire kids to grow with their creativity and artistic skills.

If your child has a question for one of these artists or is in need of guidance on an art project you may submit questions to gallery.of.youth@gmail.com


Name:  Dougie Padillaunnamed
Specialty/favorite medium:  i work in all visual arts mediums. i am best known as a painter.
Are you an artist for a living or is it a hobby?  Art is all I do. My whole life is art. Everyone’s life is art. Be creative with your life.
At what age did you become interested in art?
I could sight read and sing Bach cantatas at age 11 – my church choir recorded a record at that point. I was a published author by college. I became a visual artist at age 33 – it was like walking around a corner and finally realizing I was a visual person.  I am 67 now, so I have been a visual artist 34 years… and in the arts for over 56. 
What were you like as a child when it came to your creative abilities?  I just wanted to play center field like Willie Mays. Although I was in band, I  didn’t care about the arts til I was 15, at which point I read everything by Hemmingway, and alot by Fitzgerald, Faulkner, Wolfe, Dostoevsky, and many others. I wrote short stories and poetry –  even as i played baseball, football and rink rat hockey.
What was it like selling your first piece of art?  I didn’t care. I find selling boring. I have always found it more interesting to have shows. Eventually, I had a solo show at a museum in Paris – and, among other thngs,  curated and produced a group show art opening in Minneapolis that 1000 people came to opening night. Those things were FUN. 

Who were your mentors?  Who did you look up to?  I am a self-taught artist – although I learned alot from fellow artists over the years. 

I’ve had lots and lots of spiritual mentors including Swami Venkatesananda, Katagiri Roshi, Ronnie Nelson, Jerry Gerasimo, Osho, Martin’ Prechtel, Michael Macmacha, Malidome some’, James Hillman, Robert Bly and Echo Bodine. 

Advice for young artists exploring and growing their abilities:  Painting is just another way of keeping a diary. (Pablo Picasso)

I do not seek. I find. (Pablo Picasso)

While I am working I am not conscious of what I am putting on the canvas. (Pablo Picasso)

Make your first 1000 mistakes as quickly as possible. (Pablo Picasso – I think)

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once you grow up. (Pablo Picasso)


IMG_1538.JPGMentor Artist #2

Name:  Lori Pesic
Specialty/favorite medium:  Painting and Ceramics
Are you an artist for a living or is it a hobby?
K12 Art Teacher for a living, paint for family and friends.
At what age did you become interested in art?
Since Preschool, I would always be found at the painting easel.
What were you like as a child when it came to your creative abilities?  I loved the arts and after having art class in Elementary school I would come home and recreate what we did in school!
What was it like selling your first piece of art?  Great joy along with sadness that I won’t see that piece again.
Who were your mentors?  Who did you look up to?  My parents are my role models.  My Mom has great style sense and my Dad is highly artistic.
Advice for young artists exploring and growing their abilities:  Enjoy and have fun!

Calling All Youth Artists!

To encourage kids to be involved in their school, embrace their creativity, and to bond with the community, I am starting a new fundraiser, Gallery of Youth, that benefits the art program at Pepin Area Schools.

An art gallery will be set up for our sale held April 1-3, 2016. This sale will be set up like a real art showing, with all of the focus on the kids. 100% of profits from this sale will go to the school.

I am looking for original works of art made by the Pepin Area School students, to be donated to this sale. Students may submit multiple works of art. This may include 2-D paintings, drawings or collage, 3-D sculpture, weaving, poetry, photography, crayon drawings, etc. Artwork submitted may be of a serious or silly nature. These works of art might be turned into prints, greeting cards, t-shirts, or sold as originals.

A handful of pieces will be chosen as featured works of art– to be sold by silent auction. All other art will be sold affordably so that everyone can take home a piece of art made by local youth.

Area businesses or individuals may sponsor the program by donating funds for printing services, matting or framing. Art supplies or mentoring would also be a welcome donation.

Gallery of Youth will be set up at The Breakwater (400 1st Street). Friday, April 1 will be our opening night and celebration for participating students and their families to view their work. The sale will continue through the weekend. We will also have a judging of the most interesting and creative piece. The winning artist will get a sailboat ride with a participating local artist or craftsman of their choice, provided by Sail Pepin. The winning artist will also receive a special honor…but that’s a surprise.

**All Artwork must be submitted by March 11 so that we can prepare it for the sale.
To submit artwork or if art supplies or mentoring are needed to complete projects, please let me know.

Interested sponsors and contributors may contact me to discuss options.

I look forward to seeing what we can accomplish with the kids involvement!