How it began

The idea for Gallery of Youth came about while visiting an art gallery.  Viewing a childlike piece I thought to myself, “Why not sell kid’s artwork in benefit to their education?  I frame my kids’ artwork at home because it lets them feel proud of their work and makes everyone smile.  Why not let it be available to others?”

Shortly after that in a local toyshop, my son was looking for a new coloring book, but none of the designs quite suited him.  He decided to make his own designs.  I, completely impressed by his new drawing style decided that this idea of selling kids’ artwork was something that should be pursued.  My son needed a project and something to gain some new confidence, so he was my partner in testing this out.  My daughter decided to pitch in as well.


We started off with a busy week of creating.  We trimmed, matted, and autographed the artwork, then headed up to the local winter market to try to sell it all.  Everything was for sale by donation, with 100% of profits to benefit our little school.  In one afternoon on a very cold and windy day, 2 kids, and a dozen pieces of artwork, we raised $80 for Pepin Area Schools!

The kids were so excited to have done so well.  They did more than receive donations for their school.  They also received praise and advice from many other artists and other locals.  They inspired others to get back at their arts, reminded them to take time for creativity and felt good that they succeeded in getting people’s attention.

If two kids can do this in one afternoon… imagine what 50 kids can do with an entire weekend… and more?

2 thoughts on “How it began

  1. Good evening…

    My name is Steve Kopesky. My daughter, Addalyn, Will be attending first grade for the 2019 2020 school year. Absolutely must have her involved in this program! Hope to hear more about what you have going on.


    1. Hi Steve! Sorry for the late response. We’ll be set up in the Stockholm park on Sat, July 20 for the Art Fair. I hope that Addalyn can stop by for a craft and to talk about her artwork!


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